Friday, May 1, 2009


Thank goodness it's Friday - it has been such a CRAZY week. I've about killed the 15 year old cause she's drivin me nuts!

Let's see, it all started Tuesday (luckily I had one good day this week) - she calls me at work at frantic because she HAD to turn in her soccer uniform that day! She was told on Monday that they needed to turn in their uniforms on Tuesday. Well, since she had block scheduling on Tuesday they didn't have the athletic bus to the high school. So, dumb me, thought oh well we can just turn it in on Wednesday. Well, supposedly everyone was telling her that if she didn't get the uniform turned in Tuesday, she would not be able to tryout for next year's soccer team (tryouts started Wednesday!). So dedicated (stupid) mom that I am, I dropped everything at work (luckily my boss Brandy is great) and headed out. Made it from work, to Nicole's school, then out to the high school (approximately 25 miles, some highway, some city streets) in less than 30 minutes. Thank goodness there were not any police around. Anyway, get to the high school at 4:00 - and there was NOBODY there. Needless to say, there was steam coming out my ears and some pretty choice words coming out of my mouth!

So, the next morning I get in touch with someone from the Athletics Department office and they tell me to bring them by there - which I did at 8:00 am. So, of course, was late again for work (again luckily my boss Brandy is great). They promised they would get the bags to the soccer coach. After all that, soccer tryouts were cancelled because of the dumb rain!

Then starts Thursday - even though it was still raining they decide they are still going to have tryouts! So, my darling daughter calls me at 2:30 and says she "forgot" to put any shorts in her backpack. She SWEARS she put them in there, but I guess the Shorts Fairy stole them! So, had to leave work early AGAIN (have I said how great my boss Brandy is???) and take her some shorts. She also had driver's ed last night so wasn't going to be able to stay for tryouts very long (she stayed a total of 15 minutes!). So then take her to drivers ed, hang out at home doing tons of laundry (as ususal), then pick her up at 7 pm.

Friday morning I asked her if she had shorts, t-shirt, shin guards and cleats for tonight (because I'm not leaving early again). And she just says "yes mom" in that snotty tone that you just want to slap them! Like I wasn't justified in asking if she remembered everything. Guess I'm going to have to quite being the enabler and make her remember her own stuff.

Sometimes I want her to grow up, but other times it makes me sad. But right now, I want her to GROW UP! The end!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My baby girl (I know she doesn't look 15 1/2 because she was all dolled up for formal!) is in drivers ed! I can't believe it's that time already - I can remember when she was just a baby! Usually dad takes her driving, but I got brave and took her last Sunday. We started off in her sisters car because it is an automatic. She did really well, except when she was turning corners.

Told my parents that last night and my dad just about fell out of his chair. Told Nicole the next time we go to Joplin he will show her the curve where I nearly gave my driver's ed teacher a heart attack (funny I don't remember that).
After we took her sister's car back, we took my car to our neighborhood and let her try it out there - considering it is a standard, she did pretty good, only killed it twice. I was really surprised that I wasn't more nervous. But just remind me about that when she has the car on her own! Heaven help me if she is anything like I was at 16 - having mom out looking for me because I was past curfew, or worse yet having the highway patrol stopping me right in front of my house (that is where he finally caught up with me!).

Work is Dumb

We have decided today that WORK is dumb (not that men aren't still dumb), but work overrules even that today. I have lost all motivation to work - AGAIN! Love my job and the people I work with, but it really sucks having to come to work today just to pay dumb, stupid bills!

But then again, if I didn't have money I couldn't keep Nicole in soccer which we both love. I am such a GREAT SOCCER MOM! I watched her game last night, my niece Stephanie's game last night, and even watched the boys varsity game (and I didn't even know any of the players)! And I'm going to watch her club game tonight! Then practice on Saturday, another club game on Sunday. I don't know what to do with myself when soccer isn't going on - that's pretty sad!

Since I really don't feel like working (not that I've done much today anyway), I figued I could blog for a minute. They have totally corrupted me! Ain't it great!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So, we have all decided today that MEN ARE DUMB! My husband still hasn't asked me about our taxes (thank goodness - cause I really screwed up on our state and we owed big time), but he started in about looking at our finances. He has no clue what we spend each month for bills - his idea is - if it let's him use his card, there must be money in the account. Doesn't even think about whether there is anything outstanding! Have to search his billfold every night to get his receipts because he keeps them in there so long that the ink wears off! He has no clue how much we pay for electric, gas, water, phone, internet, cell phones or anything! He just wants to make sure the credit card doesn't get out of control - well, this time he will be to blame for that because of his STUPID car that he is working on! I really hate mechanics!

Then, on top of all that, having a 15 1/2 (can't forget the 1/2) year old teenager daughter! Talk about moody! She wasn't feeling well Sunday or yesterday, so was real lethargic when I was around. BUT, when she got a call from her friend she went and got on the internet and was chatting and laughing and everything was fine. I don't know where she gets the moodiness - I'm sure if you asked my mom I was the PERFECT child (ha, that's a laugh!).

Anyhow, hopefully today will be better - get to go watch Nicole play soccer tonight and my parents are coming from Joplin to watch too. Also, it's senior night so we are going to watch my niece Stephanie too. Hope Nicole never wants to stop playing soccer, cause I would be devastated!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Some Family Pics

My youngest daughter Nicole and my niece Stephanie
My husband with our baby girl all dressed up for her first formal dance!

Maddy and Abby in their new Jeep at Christmas!

Tyler (aka TyTy) on Christmas

Aunt NikNik with Maddy and Abby just playing around

Official Blogger

Well, everyone in my office has a blog and they have been bugging me and harrassing me for weeks to get one of my own - so here it is! As I stated in my profile I have four kids - all have moved out except our 15 year old (who is getting ready to get her permit - pray for me please!) I also have three grandchildren who call me YaYa. I decided when the first one was born I was too young to be called Grandma and Nana was already taken - so we went with YaYa which I really like. Except when they say "YaYa" and then roll their eyes at me! Yes, at 6, 5 and almost three they do roll their eyes!

My youngest daughter Nicole plays soccer and I don't know about her, but I love watching her play the game. She has gotten tougher and a little mouthier on the field (don't know where she gets that from!). She plays on a competetive club team as well as the high school team. I really don't know how parents do it with more than one child in an activity - she's just one and keeps me running constantly.